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Low Maintenance Glass Treatments

Dr. Shower Door recommends the use of a transpolymer coating surface protector, such as TPC or Rain X.  This will help protect your glass from staining.  This is applied by the home owner on a monthly basis.

Even better are factory applied treatments which offer better protection and warranty up to 10 years.  Cleaning instructions including aftercare vary by product.

Dr. Shower Door currently offers:

  • Glassguard
  • Showerguard
  • Cardinal 10
  • Enduro Shield
  • EZ Clean 10
  • Seal Pro
  • Clear Shield
  • Mikrotek
  • Aqua Glide

Treatment options vary by manufacturer, glass type, and product specified.

Dr. Shower Door prefers Glassguard.


GLASSGUARD ez clean protection by GLASSource


        GLASSGUARD is a true breakthrough in shower glass protection.  Much like a “non-stick” coating on a pot or pan, GLASSGUARD dramatically reduces the time and effort required to clean shower glass. While shower glass will still need to be cleaned from time to time, GLASSGUARD makes the cleaning job easier.

        To maintain GLASSGUARD treated shower glass simply spray cool water along the top edge of the glass with a shower head or pour water with a cup.  Most soapy residue will run right off.  Periodic rubbing with a nylon mesh puff will easily remove any buildup that has occurred.  If desired, dry glass with a microfiber cloth.  Microfiber cloth is preferred to a squeegee as it leaves no streaks; just a clean, spotless shine.

        Without periodic cleaning water spots will eventually appear and hard water conditions may build up requiring more frequent cleaning; however, these spots are easily removed with cool water and a nylon mesh puff.  Occasional application of GLASSGUARD Revitalizer restores the full hydrophobic action to GLASSGUARD treated surfaces; plus, has the added benefit of protecting metal, vinyl and plastic portions of the shower enclosure.  Even if the surface has been neglected and significantly stained the glass is still protected.  Stubborn buildup can be removed using our Ultimate Hard water Stain Remover, “glass safe” scrubber pad and GLASSGUARD Revitalizer; thus, restoring the glass to its original easy to maintain condition.  Follow labels as instructed, keeping in mind a very small amount goes a long way!

REVITALIZER KIT – (1) Microfiber Cloth, (1) Nylon Mesh Puff, (1) 4 oz. Revitalizer Spray  (See Label  Instructions)

RESTORATION KIT – (1) Revitalizer Kit, (1) Glass safe scrub pad with handle, (1) 2 oz.  Hard Water Remover  (See       Label Instructions)                                                                   

These GLASSGUARD products and simple procedures were designed to help you enjoy many years of easily maintained shower enclosures.  For more information or refills contact your local GLASSGUARD  dealer or call GLASSOURCE at  1-800-842-3205.


GLASSGUARD surface protection offers a Ten Year limited warranty to the original consumer purchaser when maintained according to the manufacturer’s recommendations; not to flake, peel, discolor or change the appearance of the surface to which it is applied.

GLASSGUARD is guaranteed to permanently protect the glass surface and improve the hydrophobic characteristics to make cleaning easier.  GLASSGUARD will resist the effects of weathering and remain visually transparent when the manufacturer’s proper maintenance guidelines are followed.  The hydrophobic action can be maintained with normal water cleaning and by using GLASSGUARD Revitalizer Spray .  Revitalizer is available to the consumer through our dealer network to enhance or restore the hydrophobic properties portion of GLASSGUARD, as needed.

GLASSGUARD is designed to protect surfaces from damaging environments and to reduce maintenance time. GLASSGUARD will not eliminate cleaning, maintenance or spotting, but will dramatically reduce the time, effort and chemicals needed to keep glass surfaces looking new.

Limitations:  The GLASSGUARD limited warranty covers replacement glass provided from the manufacturer only or a refund of the original sale price only, at GLASSource option.  All parts replaced under the terms of this limited warranty are F.O.B. GLASSource and it does not cover breakage, scratching, labor or incidental or consequential damages.  

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