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1. Wood Blocking is a must where door hinges are located.

2. Never run plumbing through studs where anchor screw may puncture it.

3. Do Not use glass tiles in areas to be drilled. They will crack.


Door Width - Preferred width 30” or less – maximum width 36”.


Door Height


1. Framed doors over 84” require a transom

2. Frameless doors over 90” require a transom


Door Opening


1 .Must be plumb and level

2. Do Not use raised decorative tile in the door swing area

3. Must be free of overhangs to avoid use of an unsightly metal filler.

4. Design door opening to approach wall at 90 degrees – not at an angle.


Body Sprays - Never face body sprays towards door or opening.


Curbs and Seats - Always slope curbs and seats into the shower.


Curb - Slab type recommended – slope into shower 3/16 – ¼” max.


Bulkhead - Should be plumb with curb or an unsightly finished product will occur.


Angles - Always use 90 degree or 135 degree angles – this will result in a better finished product.


Glass Panels


1. Minimum tempered glass width is 4” – try for 6” it looks much better

2. For notched panels 4” minimum for each leg – 6” looks much better.

3. Small overhangs can be notched – wider overhangs require a metal filler.

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